24-Hour Monitoring of Your Home Alarm Systems

Beige and Stone House in the Fall 153536402Home security should always be a top priority for every homeowner, and professionally installed home alarm systems are one of the best options out there. Professional systems arm your home with a wide variety of important defenses to keep your property and family safe. Fire alarms and CO monitors help warn the whole house of environmental dangers so that you can get to fresh air and safety quickly. Countless burglar defenses such as motion detectors, photo-sensors, and door and window contacts alert you right away to any potential intruders or threats. With a professionally wired system, all of these alarms can be on one system and controlled through one central keypad or control box. If you choose to opt for a wireless system, you can even control your home’s defenses from a mobile device. But with all of these great security measures and defenses in place, who will be alerted by the alarms if no one is home to hear them?

Imagine leaving for a 2-week vacation with your family for the winter holidays. You arm all of your defenses before you leave, including timed lights so that it looks like someone is home, and you make sure everything is locked and secure. You even tell a neighbor to pick up your mail for you. You leave feeling comfortable and confident that your home will be safe, because, well, at the sound of an alarm, any burglar attempting to break in will be immediately scared off. So, you go on your vacation, and you enjoy the time with your family, feeling carefree about your house waiting for you back in reality.

When you return home, you find that your door has been broken into and your alarms had been triggered. Your wife’s jewelry is missing and so is your emergency cash, and it looks like countless things have been rifled through and strewn about. Who knows how much could have been taken? The burglar had noticed that the neighbor was picking up your newspapers, and so wasn’t scared off by the sounding alarms. Your neighbor was completely oblivious to it even happening.

The businessman who operates a smartphone 177039305What could have stopped this devastating event from occurring? There are two answers. The first is remote access. Do you have remote access to your security system so that you can check on it while you’re away? Many home security companies nowadays have mobile apps that allow you to check your home’s defenses from wherever you are, so that you can be alerted any time an alarm is triggered. In this scenario, had you had remote access, you could have called the police within moments of the break-in, preventing the loss of your valuables and the violation of your home.

Here is a second scenario: You leave on that same trip with those same precautions, thinking everything back home is safe and sound, only to have your neighbor call you two days later to tell you that your house caught fire and left severe fire damage, and there’s even water damage from the hoses. You realize you must have forgotten to turn off the space heater in the rush to get out the door, and it must have been the cause of the fire. You come to find out that no one noticed the smoke at first because of stormy weather, and by the time the fire department was notified, flames were visible in the windows. Odds are you’ll have to find a temporary place to live while the damage is repaired, and the repairs could take several weeks. Unfortunately, many of the things damaged in the fire were irreplaceable.

What could have prevented this? Yes, remote access would have come in handy. But what about something even more immediate and reliable: professional 24-hour monitoring. Most home security systems offer 24-hour monitoring of your home alarm systems so that you can feel at ease while you’re away. In this scenario, the moment your alarm had gone off, a local monitoring center would have been alerted and called your residence. Upon receiving no answer, they would have immediately notified the local fire department, and odds are the damage would have been minimal.

Family of Four on Lawn with Beautiful Home in Background CopyUnfortunately, scenarios like the ones described above happen more often than they should. 24-hour monitoring provides a buffer, if you will, in the case of emergencies like these. It takes a burden off of your shoulders knowing that you aren’t the only one looking out for your property and family anymore. Talk with your local home security companies about the monitoring they offer.